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All products in the rental category operate on a 24 hour time frame; regardless of then length of the event.  Every 24 hours counts as 1 day rental.  All rental items will given to you clean and ready for use; we ask they be returned the same way.  

This allows us to keep our rental prices low and the terms easy to understand. 

We offer discounts for consecutive day rentals. 

Popcorn Machine Rental

 This 10 cup popcorn popper will have popcorn ready for you in 10 minutes for less.  The lighted compartment allows you to watch while the stainless steele kettle overflowing with popcorn goodness.  Cart has a vintage look reminiscent of the silent movie house and carnivals of the 1900s. 

Each single day rental comes with everything needed to make 1.5oz bags of popcorn for 50 people.  Expecting more than fifty people?  No problem; it is possible to purchase additional bundles of  supplies.

1 day rental of Popcorn machine:   $65
Additional Supplies for 50 =  $40

If you do not wish to clean the machine before returning it; we offer optional cleaning.  Our cleaning fee is $25. 

Cotton Candy Machine Rental



Our cotton candy machine produces one cone every 15-20 seconds. once the machines comes to temperature.  This quality commercial machine warms up in 3-4 minutes. 

The machine comes with a stand, power cord, floss measuring spoon, and 50 cones or bags.  One side of the rolling stand has cut-outs to hold 3 completed cotton candy cones. 

We have pink & blue floss on hand.  Other colors and flavors available upon special request.  

1 day rental = $65.00
Supplies for 50 cones = $20
Supplies for 100 cones = $30

Want to add an attendant? We can do that as well. Attendants are $20 per hour and they will clean and set-up the Cotton Candy machine. 

If you do not feel like cleaning the machine after use; we offer a cleaning service for $25.  Simply use the machine; return it to us and we will clean it for you. 



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